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Digital-Tut0rs : Expl0ring Craft Director Studio’s Animation T00ls in Maya 2011 SAP | 720 MB

In this collection of lessons we will cover an overview of the Animation Tools in Craft Direct0r Studio.
In this course, we will do an overview of the Animation Tools in Craft Director Studio, integrated into the Subscription Advantage Pack in Maya. Throughout the course, we will cover everything from setting up your Preferences for Craft, to connecting your vehicles to the Craft control rig, how to constrain your vehicles to drive along a modeled surface. We will also explore tools and settings for achieving desirable performances from your vehicles, and even take a look at a few of the amazing camera rigs built into craft.

1. Introduction and project overview
2. Why Craft?
3. Loading Craft tools / setting our preferences
4. Connecting vehicles to the Craft control rig
5. Driving your vehicle through your scene
6. Driving the vehicle along a surface
7. A look at Craft cameras
8. Referencing workflow
9. Understanding Craft’s Tool Tree and Tool Bar

44 min. 55 sec. |Released on May 2, 2011 |Project Files Included (22 MB)
Required Software: Maya 2011 SAP and up's Animat.Tools.part1.rar's Animat.Tools.part2.rar's Animat.Tools.part3.rar's Animat.Tools.part4.rar's Animat.Tools.part1.rar's Animat.Tools.part2.rar's Animat.Tools.part3.rar's Animat.Tools.part4.rar

http://www.url-dead/file/1170195001/_DT-Expl_Craft.Director.Studio's Animat.Tools.part1.rar
http://www.url-dead/file/1170194991/_DT-Expl_Craft.Director.Studio's Animat.Tools.part2.rar
http://www.url-dead/file/1170205051/_DT-Expl_Craft.Director.Studio's Animat.Tools.part3.rar
http://www.url-dead/file/1170236834/_DT-Expl_Craft.Director.Studio's Animat.Tools.part4.rar

mocha Pro is the newest in Imagineer System’s mocha family and unites the best features from Mokey and Monet with the familiar mocha interface.? Get working fast within a day with Curious Turtle’s new training course – Beyond Tracking.? Like mocha Pro itself, this course builds on the Imagineer’s industry-leading planar tracking software.? Leverage those skills to speed up often arduous VFX and compositing jobs directly within mocha Pro, such as object removal, product replacements and even stabilizing a shot without having to lose quality by upscaling.

The tutorials go in-depth, not just into the interface or features, but how you analyse your shots before you even start, to get the best results.? Even with difficult to track footage that would be impossible to track with standard point trackers.? Tracking is fundamental to VFX work, but even the best tracking data is worthless if you can’t use it correctly.


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