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ArchiCAD 15 – Broaden Your DESIGN Horizons

ArchiCAD 15 enriches architectural forms available for designers to unleash their creative minds, and it also expands the scope of the BIM workflow to include renovation & refurbishment projects.

Enriched architectural forms

The evolution of forms has always walked hand-in-hand with the evolution of structures. From the simplest barrel vaults to the most sophisticated rib vaults, the architect has always aspired to combine durability, utility and beauty (Vitruvius). These very principles can be seen in the finest examples of Modern architecture as well. ArchiCAD 15 expands the design capabilities of its BIM tools, including new Shell structures, to support the broadest spectrum of architectural shapes and forms found in both classical and modern architecture.

New definition of design space

The evolution of the design process has gone through at least as many revolutionary steps as the forms and structures themselves. During the course of the past few decades, architects have gradually left the “flat-lands” of 2D sketching for the exciting “high-lands” of designing in 3D virtual spaces. The increase in freedom brought about by the third dimension, however, adds a new degree of difficulty to orientation in space as well. ArchiCAD 15 introduces 3D guidelines and editing planes to revolutionize the 3D space definition, making the perspective view the natural, 3D environment for building design.

Renovation workflow support

The advent of modern technology has significantly increased the life-cycle of a building. As a result, renovation and refurbishment projects are nearly equal to the volume of new buildings in most of the developed areas of the world. ArchiCAD 15 expands the design scope to renovation and refurbishment projects with native BIM design and documentation workflow support all the way through.

Best-in-class BIM workflow

In addition to the impressive list of new and refined design tools and workflows, ArchiCAD 15 includes improvements to its IFC interface and OPEN collaboration workflow with engineers




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fxphd – MYA206 – Maya Animation and Compositing : Red Dwarf
Long time fxphd professor Matt Leonard dives into production with his new course covering work he did for Red Dwarf: Back to Earth. Leonard is our leadMaya professor, but he is also an adept compositor who uses tools such as Nuke and Fusion. For this course, he’ll be walking through the entire productionprocess of his work on the show — from pre-production to on-set to the final composite. He’ll cover all the angles of delivering great animation and a realisticcomposite in this hard core hands-on course.More details to come about the course once the mini-series airs in the UK the weekend of April 11th.

Professor: Matt Leonard (mattdleonard)
Class 1: Pre-Production and Working On-Set
Class 2: Live Action Tracking using PFTrack 5
Class 3: Modelling Characters in Maya 2009
Class 4: Rigging Realistic Acting in Maya 2009
Class 5: Painting with Light, Texturing and Lighting in Maya 2009
Class 6: Timing for Animation, the Art of Performance
Class 7: Animation, Bringing Life to Animation using Maya 2009
Class 8: Multipass Rendering using mental ray
Class 9: Integrating the 3D into the Live Action Plate using Nuke 5.1
Class 10: Adding Realism to the Final Shot, Advanced Compositing in Nuke 5.
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The Watch Tutorial Series 3DsMax and V-ray

Video: AVC, 1600 x 860, 1.860, 20.000 fps, 599 Kbps I Audio: AAC, 44.1 kHz, 53.6 Kbps, 2 channels

In this series i will show you how to make the modeling, lighting, shading and rendering of a 3D beautiful watch in 3ds max and VRay.


Size: 1.5 gb
Format: mp4
Project Files: Included
Year: 2011

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Glu3D v1.3.36 & Pwrapper v1.016 for 3DsMax 2012 32Bit/64Bit

Glu3D is a complete system that makes easy making liquids in Autodesk?s 3dsMax, Maya and XSI. glu3D uses particles to simulate the liquid behavior, and a multi-resolution polygonal surface is also generated to display the liquid surface.

Its main features are:
Particle based dynamic engine that automatically animates liquids that interact with surrounding geometry
Poly surface mesh surface sequence is generated to visualize liquid surface
Fully integrated in 3dsMax and Maya
File cache system to store pre-calculated dynamics results
Wet maps ( 3dsMax only)
Texture mapping ( 3dsMax only)
Arbitrary planar shapes as sources ( 3dsMax only)
Fill objects function to speed up scene initial condition setup
Friendly customizable UI full of shortcuts, menus and toolbar buttons
Integration with Particle Flow ( 3dsMax only)

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