13 comments on “Anime Studio Pro 8.0.2019 Multilingual

  1. The same problem here C:\Users\HP\AppData\Local\Temp\Rar$DI61.709\mesmerize.r00… can u up this file?

    • no problem got it working 🙂

      you need to extract the mesmerize.r00, r01, r02, files etc first the extract from them

  2. h, Thx, l figured it out last night, very easy, l came here to say to u, but u were more fast than me lol.

  3. would you please upload it to another site,all sites asking for a premium account.no free download link.

  4. To unzip the archives, mark all rar archives, click right, “stract all here”, and there are all .r00x archives. click right to first mesmereze and it is it.

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