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  1. i did all that’s been noted up, but when i hit render in max, arion doesn’t come out, anybody help, i already installed all necessary files

  2. it doesnt work like that … you either start fry and export it as rcs which is like a hole scene with textures and everything in one file. or you just set export .fry in render dialog in the plugin, then start arion find that file and hit import. You might as well use .obj file it depends on what is better for you

    • thanks man but if you could post some tutorial for this it would be a great help, i started to have my scene imported from max but i dont know which type of lighting is supportd coz i tried all types in max(standard & photometric only coz vray won’t work of course) but when in arion window then it comes out very dim, even if i have to tweak my tone mapping it still doesn’t appear as i expected, by the way scene is interior, thanks

  3. Its working but its not fast like every one talk in here.
    my card support cuda so its should be first but its not.
    i turn on cuda on Arion and install lastest driver and i need more config
    for speed up my render?

    right not mentalray render faster than Arion…….(-.-

    • Hey Gat, make sure you:

      install the CUDA SDK file from Nvidia: http://developer.nvidia.com/object/cuda_3_0_downloads.html

      and also make sure you put the appropriate (31/64bit) ****CUDA***.dll file(s) into the Arion/tools folder…


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  5. But what about ATI graphic cards? CUDA is a NVIDIA product. Does it mean ATI users can’t take advantage of this renderer?

  6. Hi. I have some problem with arncmd. :( when i try to start render by arncmd…the system displays window with message: “arncmd.exe has stopped working” and stop render. Where I did mistake? Any help guys?
    (win7, i920, 6Gb, gtx285)

  7. http://www.filestube.com/3b1ab07f0ac2423f03ea,g/Vray-Sp5-2010-X64.html

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