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30 comments on “Eat 3D: Thinking Particles Part 1-A Comprehensive Introduction

  1. go and buy that shit… it really is it worth! 60 bugs

  2. I just bought this the other week.. ah well was worth the money :)

  3. nice tutorial…
    Have it others tutorial pack ( Advance level for particles) of this company?
    one of my friends told me that ? Eat 3D have greet tutorial ( even better than Digital tutorial )

  4. nobax thank you very much I love you’re the best.
    people here can find again more videos:

  5. Can someone please post the links for the files. I get this survey thing which wouldn’t let me access the links even though i when to the freaking surveys already.

  6. zzzpeak really? really dude, really?
    did you not learn common sense when u were growing up?

  7. rar’s are encrypted and I dont see a password in the comments, anyone know it ?


  8. Thanks guys, its interesting DVD but very junior basic stuff nothing too complicated or useful on there
    speaking of which, is TP 4 available anywhere on cg persia??

  9. Mabe a dum question but how do i download that file from Rapidshare
    I tried ( Check Download links ) but it dosent give me any link
    Thanks for your help

  10. Well, appreciate you guys liking my DVD! Still if you really like it – you should buy it – the lowest offer is streaming for only like 20 USD :) Anyway – this is the ‘Basic’ DVD, the ‘Intermediate’ and ‘Advanced’ are in the works and will be released soon. And I would appreciate your support in doing that.

  11. Thank you once again! Btw for those interested in particles, Allan Mckay has done amazing tutorial on the subject; some on fumefx and compositing too. Cg academy and turbosquid have them. And as x-tazy stated above buy these thing if u got the money! They are top notch! Cheers!

  12. Well, I did download this one, but I liked it so much that I bought it.
    Thanks Mr. Velev
    All the stuff I get from here I buy if I really likes it. This works like a place to get “demos” from. If I dont like it, I dont have to throw hundreds of dollars of the window to buy em, just to never use em. Most of the addons and the like dont have “demos” one can try out. Its a shame.

  13. Hey dont worry, I think a lot of people buy your work, I make it in the next month. offcorse…. I am in the rich europe. but its a good chance for poor people in another countrys.
    cheers and rock on Hristo.


  14. Hristo….we all love your work but some of us poor people need abreak………to create art…………..sorry dude that the way it is…….. live or die buy it my freind.

    and thank you………..

  15. can somebody paste link, I use chrome, cannot block the survey.


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