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AsileFX: Vue Advanced Custom Plant Creation Vol.1 & 2

Includes project files.

AsileFX: Vue Advanced Custom Plant Creation Have you ever felt that your creativity is being limited by the number of limited plants available for Vue?
Are your third party imported plants taking too long to render?
Are you interested in learning how to create your own Solid Growth plants?
If so, this is the tutorial for you!

Advanced Custom Plant Creation, is a cross application tutorial. The tutorial will show you how you can use programs like Photoshop, together with Vue, to create new and completely custom Solid Growth plants and trees.

If you are not a current user of Photoshop, then you will be happy to know that the techniques in the tutorial can be used with almost every image editing application.
Even if you dont plan on entirely designing your own plants, you can still learn how to use existing images maps, like the ones found in the AsileFX Leaves Collection and AsileFX Seamless Bark, to customize Vue plants and trees. Samples from these collections are included with the tutorial to aid in the learning process.

The tutorial is taught in Vue Infinite, but it can be used with any version of Vue that has plant surface editing tools. Photoshop is used to demonstrate all image editing tools, but most earlier versions possess the same tools, and can be used without restriction.

Time to take your Vue vegetation files to the next level!
In Advanced Custom Plant Creation 2, instructor Nicholas Pellegrino, will show you his secrets to creating amazing plants in Vue and Photoshop. Over 6 hours of Vue and Photoshop training.

Learn to create image and Vue scene templates to quickly and easily create amazing foliage.
This training includes several companion files to use while you follow along with the tutorial. You will also receive bonus content, to add to your template files and enhance your scenes.

Includes a highly detailed HTML menu, with links to resources and more.
Click on the image below to view the menu. Some links will not work because they are connected to files included with the training, but they have been left as part of the menu, so you can see all of the features of the menu.





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