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Ephere zookeeper for 3ds max 2009-2011 x32 / x64

Zookeeper is a big asset to the toolbox of any technical artist working with 3ds Max. It’s a great way of working very close to the internal structure of the package, allowing for fast analysis of complicated rigs and setups, for example. At last we can create, edit and manage all the components of a 3ds Max scene and their relationships in one unified, clean graph; Zookeeper really is what Schematic View should have been. If you like node-based systems and use 3ds Max, this one is a must.

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CG Artist Workshop – Multi-Pass Rendering

In this tutorial Christopher Emerson will take you through the beneficial technique that provides more artistic control and saves you render time. Christopher will cover Pass setup in Maya, compositing in Eusion. and various tips and tricks to achieve higher quality, animation friendly results. Maya 2009 and up is required, but any professional compositing software can be used. Continue Reading