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KRAKATOA is THINKBOX production-proven Volumetric Particle Rendering, Manipulation and Management Toolkit. It provides a pipeline for acquiring, caching, deforming, shading and rendering vast quantities of particles at unprecedented speed to represent natural phenomena like dust, smoke, silt, ocean surface foam, plasma and even solid objects.

Krakatoalollollol8482; integrates well with Particle Flow, the flexible 3ds Max built-in Event-Driven Particle System, and provides data exchange capabilities for sharing particles with other 3D and simulation applications. The rendering features include support for shading and texturing using standard 3ds Max maps and materials; Motion Blur and Depth Of Field effects; Particle Self-Shadowing and Shadow Casting from and onto matte objects; Ambient Participating Medium Extinction to simulate atmospheric and underwater light and color behavior and more.

The Particle Manipulation pipeline includes Particle Culling using arbitrary geometry and Particle Deformations using 3ds Max deformation modifiers and Space Warps like Bend, Twist, PathDeform and Free Form Deformation lattices.
The Particle Management features include the ability to generate millions of particles using a unique Particle Partitioning method which overcomes memory and system limitations of 3ds Max; Input and Output support for Prime Focus’ open, compact and flexible .PRT particle data format, NextLimit’s RealFlow 3 and 4 particle BIN file format and a versatile and easy to use ASCII Comma Separated Values .CSV format which could be used to interact with any application that can read and write text files. Particle files can be saved from Krakatoalollollol8482; and also loaded into 3ds Max using Krakatoalollollol8482; Particle Loader objects or into Particle Flow using dedicated Krakatoalollollol8482; File Birth and Krakatoalollollol8482; File Position operators, thus allowing for a full data flow cycle where particles can be saved, reloaded and processed multiple times through different particle system setups.

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Luxion KeyShot Pro 2.2.33 32Bit & 64Bit Win/Mac

KeyShot features the only rendering engine that is certified by the CIE (International Commission on Illumination). Using scientifically accurate materials and real world lighting, KeyShot delivers the most accurate images in a matter of seconds. And when you combine a 3D scene with a photograph, you can create even more amazing results that you may have never thought of before.

What’s new?

Hierarchical scene tree
Preservation of model structure from CAD model incluing all subassemblies
Preservation of part / layer names
Separate material column
Ability to ungroup identical parts in the assembly

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Cinema 4D R11.5 – MoGraph 2: Natural Environments and Plant
1280×720 | 2 h | MP4
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thinkingParticles? 4.0 is the next generation rule based particle system for 3ds Max and 3ds Max Design, offering unparalleled power to the user. thinkingParticles in its latest incarnation, Release 4, (R4) redefines Fluid, Rigid Body and Particle F/X simulation in a whole new way.
The advantage thinkingParticles delivers over event-based particle systems, (which works on triggers and time dependent events) made it the #1 choice of Unchartered Territory for creating Fluid, Rigid Body Dynamics and Particle Effects for their movie production of “2012.” thinkingParticles was the key production tool responsible for driving the most prominent special effects in the movie “2012”. Our latest additions to the software made it so powerful, it actually rendered the need for practical effects to zero!! We trust, that you will find, by using thinkingParticles 4.0, that you will be able to create all the incredible effects that you have always wanted to create, but until now, have not been able to, due to the limitation of existing technologies.


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