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BEHIND THE SCENES (BTS) is a new and exciting DVD series developed to showcase the creation of a game cinematic sequence. The series follows a team of artists as they demonstrate their production techniques from concept phase to final rendered animation. This chapter in the series focuses on the vehicle featured in the cinematic, a futuristic helicopter designed by renowned Art Director Mark Goerner. Instructor Paul Schoeni takes the viewer step-by-step through the 3D modeling process in Maya, from simple proxy to final model. The viewer also gets to go behind the scenes and witness actual production meetings that discuss the design and creation of the helicopter.

1.Production Meeting with Mark
2.Workflow and Proxy Model
3.2nd Production Meeting with Mark
4.Bench and Ceiling Girders
5.Ceiling Center Piece
6.Small Parts and Floor Detail
7.Revisions to the Interior
8.Propellors and Gun Turret
9.3rd Production Meeting with Mark
10.Large Intake and Hull Shape
11.Hull Section Detail
12.Final Adjustments and Conclusion
13.Gentle Giant Tour


After Effects CS5: Creating Motion Graphics / 2011
ENG | .mov; QuickTime; 1.41 MiB / 960×540 (16:9) | 07:57:59 | rar | 1.38 Gb

Topics include:

* Converting type from Photoshop and Illustrator
* Creating shapes from text
* Using markers in animation
* Editing techniques for graphics
* Using type presets
* Animating type
* Exploring color correction tools
* Building animated textures
* Creating custom vignettes
* Understanding Lights and Material settings
* Adding dynamic transitions
* Rigging cameras for animation
* Working efficiently in 3D space

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