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35 comments on “CMIVFX Camera Based Motion Capture

  1. If I’m to learn any Motion Tracking software it’ll be Boujou. Post tutorials on that, not this. Thanx =)

  2. This Course it?s kind of a waste of time, the first 1 hour and a half is very usefull because it teaches matchmover at last(or movimento if you have it which look the same as matchmover)I mean it?s the first tutorial I watch about movimento, but the rest, over an hour it teaches you how to create a .CSM file via scripting which I found very unnecessary and time consuming. To do this , lot faster( i would say 1000 years faster) just export your tracking data from matchmover as .TRC file then import this file in 3ds max and with this script : ( which is free), you select all the markers and export them as a .CSM file usign this script. Of course in matchmover you have to name every tracker to match biped joints names like for exmple let?s say the track in the neck on matchmover is track05 , you have to change this tracker name into C7 according to biped joints names. and thats all. Furthermore, this dvd tutorial is very disappointing becasuse it doesn?t offer what you see in its own trailer, it only covers matchmover tracking process ( whish I like) and the unnecessary over one hour .CSM file creation via script. I like to thanks Ironboy anyways for this and other posts here. keep the fine work friend.

    • This is all the tutorial/info I need to back up my previous comment.

      TUTS ON Boujou…If you think you’re good. Otherwise don’t show off with crappy tuts.

        • hmm doesn’t know what is tracking, and even doesn’t know that boujou can’t do mocap tracking, he just what we call ( ref user ( from refuse )), and he will blame you even if you brought him the best tutorial ever…

  3. just look at the website link and read and watch the info first. it’s all matchmoving. good to know. ty for the up!

  4. wicq08,
    your comment is nothing except showing off, as you think you can do it without scripting, but the problem is that you don’t even understand why they made this tutorial, THE IMPORTANT THING HERE IS TO LEARN HOW TO MAKE YOUR OWN IMPORTER ( custom importer ) from scratch, and the example was a CSM file, and not to show you that this is the only solution you have!!!!!!!
    just read what they wrote in the introduction :

    We can also, create our own data file format and extension to package special kind of data for use in other programs or to save this data out to disk. We will create tools to save our character in .CSM file or other custom file format to use that animation in other program ( Max, Maya and Endorphin in this course ) or to save it to disk, or even to send it by internet for general use, such as usual BVH and CSM motion capture files.

    so its to teach you how to script an importer………
    and if you cost your self just to read more about this series, you would understand ( i doubt ) that its name is Capturing reality course ( data management and custom import export utilities ), but you didn’t even do that.
    i gut ( Multi-Use Character Setups for TD’s ) from cmivfx, that one is unbelievable, they build a mocap Character from scratch, then they build a custom importer to receive a mocap animation file, then they build an exporter, and they rebuild the character to be stretchy, and to be able to retarget it self and adapt any animation scale ( from mocap ), in the end, you can see that they teach you to build your TOOLS, and remember:
    ITS FOR TD’s not for students, but even you can understand it…
    i say thank you ( Ir0nboy ), then Thank you CMIVFX for these courses, they are fucken fantastic

        • SASO.
          showing off? I didn?t know that trying to help people is showing off. I was talking about an script for 3ds max users that allows you to skip all that boring and unnecessary scripting process. Not everybody is into scripting for lot of reasons for example lack of knowledge or interest. furthermore, in production we have very limit time to end a project that spending over an hour learning about CSM exporter, is just very silly when there is already a exporter in scripspot and for free. It?s not I think I can do it with out scripting, I can actually do it without scripting by using that script Im talking about. So if trying to help people by telling them how to speed things up is showing off , then all those guys who develop dvd tutorials like this and others like allan mackay, joe gunn , etc are showing off too according to what you say and please don?t talk to me like if you knew me, are you calling me a student or a rookie, cause that is what I undestood from your words. maybe I undestood wrong, if that is the case everything is alright, if is not be kind not to talk down to me. The critic I wrote earlier it wasn?t to IronBoy, I actually downloaded lots of things from him and I thing his work is remarkableand I think this share from him it is too , and Im not critisice cmivfx either, well I prefer fxPHD tutorials though. In all case this dvd tutorial would have been more usefull 5 years ago when someone post movimento and there wasn?t any info about how to using it, now Im using IPI soft which is actually better in all sense. you need cheaper camaras(play 3 eye cam that cost only 20 -25 dollars here) instead of dv cams that cost over 200 dollars each, you don?t need especial suits and markers and the process is very short, it only takes like 20-30 minutes to export a BVH file with a 100% perfect animation(no mistakles, no feet sliding, etc) intoto 3ds max , Maya (I think) , blender , poser , etc, I only download this dvd out of curiosity. Again thank you Ironboy for this DVD and all post to come. bye.

          • Oh by the way, my comments are not meant to backup none here talk talk ungratefully and unrespectfully. best regards to all

            • Oh by the way, my comments are not meant to backup no one here who talks ungratefully and unrespectfully to others. best regards to all

            • wicq08, its ok, now i understand what you were trying to say, but what i was saying is this, this course is for TD’s, and the main responsibility for TD’s is to create tools and scrips ( importers, exporters and save utilities and…. ) in production line to ensure that the process is going well and no problems what so ever for other departments ( animation, effects…. ), and the target here was to teach those how to obtain solutions for some similar problems, and it works for many many other problems related to animation and data management between programs, and to know know more about that, you may have to complete the second course ( multi use characters… ) , i saw that, and the result was amazing, they eliminated the borders between at least three programs, saving and importing and exporting from each to other, and that is the main problem usually faces you if you are doing animation in ( a production line ), maybe if you are ( one man show ) means, you do the whole work using one software, you may not see the benefit of doing that, but its essential in production line.
              and see, if that script was not there, what would you do? and that was a problem for many years ( to not be able to create your tools and to wait for companies or script geeks to do it for you) that is not the case any more.
              and again, THIS IS FOR TECHNICAL DIRECTORS, who have to create what ever tools they asked for, and as example, you can create your own importer and exporter from Max or Maya with Massive ( crowed program ), and they do it every day in many companies to complete the work, they will not wait for some one to spread a script for that on internet.
              and i in the multi use character set up course, they talked about the next course which create tools to import and export motion control files into and from 3D, using mel script, and that what i cal a method to create your own tools, else i dare any one to find those scripts working and up to date on internet.
              and for the character tracking technique, if you want to know the best technique to do that, as ILM and digital domain does, it goes the same way as in this course, with some little difference related to if you have stodio and motion capture device or that you have un supervised footage’s and you have to obtain tracks from those, other methods are not in production lines, but just under tests..
              in the end, its always your choice to determine what works for you, but when its related to this course, its directed for TD’s and for some one who wanna create his tools not to search for them hoping to find some one else doing them for him, and the script language used is very very simple there…
              thank you for the response ….

  5. please please, can some one upload the Multi-Use Character Setups for TD’s from cmivfx, its amazing…

  6. yes pleeeeeease, Multi-Use Character Setups for TD’s from cmivfx, its more than five hours of heavy materials…..

  7. This tutorial has helped me very much understanding max and creation of tools for it. Please upload other parts of this series too. And is there any tutorial similar to this for facial mocap, need it badly. If the other tutorials are already uploaded then post the links here.

  8. hey guys plz tell me.dat
    is it needed to put marker on body according to csm files discriptions’s positions about joints during camera based mocap shooting.

    • Shanky, yes its necessary, if you wanna produce a csm file, then you should put the markers at the described positions in CSM file document, else, you can create another kind of mocap file, maybe you can create your own file, all you have to do is to register the points locations at every frame, then you can create a custom rig to be controlled by these marks, if you want to see how exactly you can do that, just watch Multi use setup character made by the same author of camera based mocap ( hashem alsher ) as i remember from cmivfx…..

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