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  1. ir0nboy deleted Escape.Studios Texturing with Maya torrent
    whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ??
    you deleted the wrong torrent you should delete this one http://cgpeers.com/torrents.php?id=3535
    not this >> http://cgpeers.com/torrents.php?id=3535
    fix it now to share the good stuff

  2. Escape Studio Camera Tracking for VFX

  3. EscapeStudios Pixar’s RenderMan Studio

  4. Why the torrents in cgpeers keep disappearing or deleting

    what is the problem?

  5. Hi,
    Can any one upload “Polygonal Modelling & Skinning with Maya” please.
    Every link is dead and every torrent files deleted.
    What is happening ???

    • New Link (as Rule For Dead Link)
      Esc_Maya Intro
      Esc_Maya_poly Modeling

  6. Can some good hearted fellow upload the whole thing to CG Peers. Especially Advanced Lighting with Maya & Mental Ray….

  7. Pls upload all torrent….

  8. I got almost all of them. I am half way with the advance shading one. If someone helps me complete it, I can create a torrent with all of them. But I need to finish that one and is a GO!
    Anyone got it?

  9. Torrents are deleted because the uploaders want to make money from these bullshit file-sharing sites instead of sharing it with torrents. At the same time, the creators of this content are removing the links from the file-sharing sites, rendering the entire thing pointless.

  10. I did upload the poly modelling yesterday and seeded it all night, CGPeers have deleted it off their servers for some reason. Don’t think they like having these via torrents proberly due to copywrite laws. I wont publish any of these on another torrent as that would be unfair to cgpersia and the person/s involved with upping this here in the first place. All i would say is take your time downloading these, i am loving watching them already. Took about half a day to download all of them.

  11. i made this torrent to share my file with you guys not to make money but Unfortunately cgpeers deleted all the files. wtf

  12. If you had uploaded to multiupload, some of the files owuld still be there.

  13. Yes all escape studios torrent are deleted becose break the rules of forum, please can anybody reuploader the torrent…thank you guys…

  14. Please upload “Polygonal Modelling & Skinning with Maya” to “MEDIAFIRE.COM”

  15. Seems File-serve down….pages show error :The file or page you tried to access is no longer accessible.

    Only Nuke for 3dArtists works !

    Good Job Cgpersia !!

  16. I agree with “test”: Torrents are deleted because the uploaders want to make money and fuck our brains so hard! VERY HARD!
    REALLY HARD! )))
    Let’s sharing of knowledge FREE without making a money!
    P.S. And making a money without sharing of knowledge… )))

  17. how the feck can you call yourself an artist and honer copyright, copyright has destroyed creation by remote then we call art competition ! It’s fecking rape !!! We are all sold to servitude we are all slaves and we don’t even fecking see it, clever hey ! Fiat collection today is a waste of fecking time like most artists are simple advertising imps for the industry, I will starve to death before I sell my Art to some suits for product that is completely alien to me. Surrender your freedoms for the promise of a pension and some change to spend ! BRA- fecking -VO !

  18. WOW, man! It’s very expressive… )))
    So lively discussion!.. )))
    The choice is yours: either to live for your own pleasure or to live for the pleasure of others (for money). Reason to think, isn’t it? )))
    And it’s so interesting for me – what you say if you will know, that some people worked for less, than $300? I had known such people…
    What the fuck “honer copyright”?..
    When I’ll be able to earn $5000 and more, probably, I’ll want to buy somethink like a whole Gnomon collection, whole Escape Studio tutorial collection, any other tutorial collection and so on… probably…
    And it will be honest.
    But now I will ask one more time: “And what about a TORRENT???” )))

    • Now get a lifetime premium at FS so you get everything
      from backup link

  19. I have StudiosTexturing & EscapeStudiosPixar’sRenderMan
    im going to upload it for you guys tonight
    be ready before it deleted

  20. Escape.StudiosTexturing


  21. Two more parts and Advanced Lighting is good to go.

    By the way. Anyone got the Mental Ray: Fundamentals FULLY UPDATED please??

  22. Advanced Lighting

    Part 1 – http://www.fileserve.com/file/fUtdkUQ
    Part 2 – http://www.megaupload.com/?d=23LX5U13
    Part 3 – http://www.fileserve.com/file/Sm2zSMF
    Part 4 – http://www.megaupload.com/?d=8A16JIW5
    Part 5 – http://www.mediafire.com/?exr4xb6bm0fe1sh
    Part 6 – http://hotfile.com/dl/120628680/a9ab979/Advanced_Lighting.7z.006.html
    Part 7 – http://www.fileserve.com/file/tweAYUW
    Part 8 – http://www.sendspace.com/file/1lvweq
    Part 9 – http://www.megaupload.com/?d=4MUSQQ46
    Part10 – http://www.mediafire.com/?nlnmf8vytegukce
    Part11 – http://hotfile.com/dl/120668934/f88e3ac/Advanced_Lighting.7z.011.html
    Part12 – http://www.sendspace.com/file/os688b
    Part13 – http://jumbofiles.com/03q8yehpg1r6
    Part14 – http://jumbofiles.com/cpkv1vk99x8e
    Part15 – http://jumbofiles.com/jluv3phau765
    Part16 – http://jumbofiles.com/4qmdi3w0ky9d
    Part17 – http://jumbofiles.com/loi40iv8sibi
    Part18 – http://jumbofiles.com/odn5mrt16mq6
    Part19 – http://jumbofiles.com/7difn3d1doo2

    • “jumbofiles”? HELL!!! )))
      Why do you need to upload files to such exotic (LOL, because it really exotic for me…) file-sharing?
      I can’t download files from there…
      And I think that some people can’t download files from there too.
      Can you upload that 7 parts to any OTHER file-sharing? Please, if it’s not so hard for you…

      • I uploaded to there because they keep the files for longer time and the upload is much more faster. But ok, tonight I gonna upload to another servers.

        • I have reinstalled my browser and it’s downloading normally now. It was a stupid browser! )))
          And thank you for your effort, bro! )))
          I try to download it now, but some parts is deleted already:
          part 4
          part 8
          part 12
          Reup it please, and I’ll try to download it.

            • Part 8 and 12 is not available now!
              Sendspace.com is sucks…
              Can you fix it? )))

  23. Can anybody please upload “Polygonal Modelling & Skinning with Maya” to “MEDIAFIRE.COM”

    • YES, of cause! )))
      Can you up it?
      Are you have “Advanced Shading” or “Polygonal Modeling”?

  24. Advanced Lighting

    Part4 – http://jumbofiles.com/xbn3f9w6hd9k
    Part8 – http://jumbofiles.com/2912p1uiux7r
    Part12 – http://jumbofiles.com/9jml0zhljzam

  25. Escape Studios
    Lighting and rendering


    • I’m too late…
      The torrent is castrated already! )))
      If serious, I can’t understand why cgpeers deletes all the Escape Studios’ torrents! Is it joke of admin?.. )))
      It’s not so funny…

        • Can you upload the “Lighting and Rendering…” to jumbofiles?
          I very need this stuff.

      • Hi PYROman,

        yes I’m uploading this great tut. Currently I’m see this tutorial and is amazing. 😀
        The problem is that each part have 400MB size. :\

        • If I’ll have some possibility to download this stuff before it will be deleted from file-sharing – it’s not a problem at all. But if it will be deleted… – it will be a some problem, I believe. 🙂
          Thank you, Cyrus, for wasting your time for uploading this great stuff!

          • Cyrus,
            no need to give empty promises. It does not describe you as a person who can be trusted.
            And if I wrote that I need something, I really need it.
            And the such joke with me I would not recommend…
            I never write that I need something, if I really needn’t it.
            I think, it’s necessary to understand.
            So, if you can’t do smth, please write “I can’t do it”. And jokes like this – is not a good thing at all…
            Thank you for your attention.

  26. lighting and rendering

  27. New Link
    Esc_Maya Intro
    Esc_Maya_poly Modeling

  28. Escape Studios Tutorials Compilation – CGP Exclusive

    • Above all torrents are deleted
      can someone please upload
      escape studios animation with maya
      escape studios vary for max torrents.
      thanx in advance

  29. Hey Guys all file sharing sites are offline or going offline because of the Govt taking down Megaupload and going after other sites. Which really blows cause i was in the middle of downloading all these awesome tutorials when they all went dead because the file share sites are offline. So if someone could make a torrent of these files that would be awesome, and I’ll be your best friend and I’ll give you a dollar if i ever meet you in person! For Reals!

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