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43 comments on “Lumion3D SP 1

  1. The archive inside the release is a password protected 7z file. Which is the password please? Thanks for sharing!

    • Thank you! I confirm: password is working. By the way SP2 already out. ;)

  2. Not mean to be ungrateful, but isn?t there a SP2 version of lumion 3D?

  3. what about sp2??

    it?s really amazing,

    waiting for it!!

    thanks uploaders

  4. It’s GREAT…..
    Thanks.. John D.

    waiting for Lumion SP2 :)
    hopefully there is someone would crack endorphin. 2.7 or 2.71 .

    • here is a license to endorphin


      Key: c41877250ca69ddd7d45c76cb3046d52

      • Thanks for your kindness Benjamin…., But it is for demo is limited, because after You enter the email and serial.. you have limited function and you CANNOT export the bvh file you have created. But anyway…Thanks…. :)

  5. crack don’t work fine, renders are black and animation idem….

  6. What is problem ?

    when the open lumion —> ” Could not connect to license system.
    See the checklist by pressing the “Help” button”……

  7. Not to be a party pooper, I’ve tried Lumion and in terms of…versatility and power…It’s weak compared to Vue. I wouldn’t waste my time with Lumion, start learning Vue, it’ll pay off in the end.

    Just my 2 cents..

    • Sure I will… When Vue will render a 5 mil poly building plus thousands trees that move in the wind.. plus people in motion… plus cars in motion… in 5 secs like it does now lumion on a modest budget 200 euro graphic card.
      I used Vue, it is good but slow. Lumion is for architects not for movies… I do not understand why nobody notices that… It is written all over their site…

  8. I`d tryed severals times to download, from the links here and the torrent link, but always have the same result:

    the file is corrupt
    operation failed

    Is just me, or some one has the same problem?..

    • me too m havin that same problem the archive is ok but wwhen i try to extract it shows error..!! somebody plz help us…!!!

  9. Todos est?o com o mesmo problema, no Torrent .
    E tamb?m na ativa??o do software.

    Ent?o a conclus?o ? ( ” N?o esta Funcional o Programa ” )

    Esperamos por um post melhor. !


  10. hi.when extract LumionSP1.part4.rar error showing.!!
    crc error!
    i extract whit Rar Archive Recover
    when extratc 7z file agane error!
    How Can Fix the 7z File?

  11. please torrent file, i cant download by any link in rapid or sonic ,

  12. Hi cgpersians, Finally I could download, from torrent files, and work perfect..
    Now just wait for the sp2!…

  13. Hi every one! couldnt find the torrent on CGpeers! can anyone post a link to the torrent! thnx in advance!

  14. Use the 7-zip program to unzip, u can download from de site

  15. The password is incorrect:

    PASS: msaLy_rl equipa- (incorrect)
    PASS: msaLy_rl equipa- (incorrect)
    PASS: msaLy_Hoo121 (incorrect)

  16. esses sim s?o perfeitos!!! nao essa merda zipada com Codigo de acesso

  17. when extract
    error showing.!!crc error!
    when extratc 7z file Wrong password error!
    pass : msaLy_rl-team
    PLZ help me

  18. Baixei o programa pelo site e descompactei com o winrar. em nenhum momento apresentou erros.
    Na senha utilizei msaLy_rl-team e tbm passou.. e mesmo sendo 7z o arquivo, meu winrar descompactou tbm sem problemas.

    a quest?o ?. como utilizar se ele ? vers?o de demo. nao consigo registrar.

    alguem sabe resolver o problema?

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