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39 comments on “The Foundry Mari 1.3v1 (64Bit)

  1. those are NOT comparable……
    Mari is far far ahead in quality, ease of use , and the tools than those of filthy ,buggy and annoying Maxon Bodypaint ..

    • Please explain your point. When Body paint is Photoshop inside of Cinema 4d how could anything be better than that? I am not saying it is not better I am asking HOW? What can it do that you cannot already do in Body paint . Also body paint is amazingly simple to use and extremely versatile so if Mari is better than explain how please. I mean it is not like 3d body paint is not already the most widely used paint program in the world for 3d graphics because there is a better program out there.

      • Ptex (no uv’s), hold 32k textures easy, advanced manipulation tools like grid distortion…paint buffer…display a lot of channels in the viewport like specular, bump, and displacement….man, this software was used in Avatar…

        • OK I get your impressed and Body paint has been used in a lot of movies as well but I still am not hearing anything you can not do in Body paint if you know what you are doing. I will try the software and I will see for myself what the talk is about but so far I have not seen anything that could not have been done in photo shop or Body paint. Maybe I will be educated after learning the program better.

          • my suggestion is to take a deep look at Mari first with full attention then you’ll need no one to convince you which one’s better…

            • Again I have watched now two separate CD training on Mari and except for the 32K textures I fail to see what it can do any better than Body paint. In fact it is not nearly as easy or as powerful as Body Paint. So Unless you’re using a very old version of Body paint and not the release 12 or 3.5 then maybe Mari would be better then say ver. 2 of Body paint but it is certainly not as good as 3.5. But hey like I have said many times to each their own. In a production Quality and speed matters and production integration with other pipeline tools is very important so you as yet anyway cannot beet Body Paint.

          • Willam…all tools are the same…for example I use Mudbox and 3D Coat…but people yell when someone don’t like Zbrush or Maya…or wathever…one tip, try them all! I only say that Mari is best suited than Bodypaint, but of course you can do the same with Bodypaint lol! Even in microsoft paint!! Artist > tool

            SOrry for my english

            • I have now watched several videos for training in Mari. I can say for certain that Bodypaint is 10 times easier and 10 times more powerful. Maybe you should try Bodypaint I mean really learn it. Everything I saw done with mari I could do in Bodypaint in half the time and with half the complication. Not impressed at all. As far as movies goes Bodypaint has about a hundred under its belt as well as video games and it can be used effortlessly with Maya,Zbrush,3d Max,Lightwave and Softimage. I really do not get the hype over Mari all because of Avatar. Well to each their own I guess.

          • I think, talking about texture painting softwares today its ridiculous, I tried Bodypaint and trust me, texture painting is a very simple task that almost all 3d packages can handle easly today… Bodypaint, Mudbox, Modo, MARI, 3D Coat, Zbrush (only diffuse)….even Blender and 3ds max with his new viewport canvas are starting to get decent results… photoshop 3D is just too laggy.

            Yes you have reason, Bodypaint is easier than MARI, but After effects is easier than Nuke too. Products from The Foundry are very focused on solving new production problems. Not user friendly. Bodypaint is going to explode if you load a 32k texture… I just don’t understand why you are defending Bodypaint so hard. From all softwares, Bodypaint have the older texture painting implementation.

            • So far the 32k texture is the only benefit I see. So as this is rarely needed and Body paint is far more widely used and far more versatile I will stay with Bodypaint. I will continue to learn Mari but see little real use for it yet. Maybe that will change if I have to get into movies using human characters or extreme close ups on something that requires extra large textures. So far never have ran into a situation where 16k was not more than adequate. Who knows what the future will be I imagine in the release of BP 4 they too will allow for 32bit if it is required by the industry demand. Mean time since my work flow is primarily ZBrush+C4d and sometimes Photoshop and often Aftereffects or Fusion I will stay with BP as it works flawlessly with all of them.

  2. I have a weak machine running XP pro 64bit sp3, the last version did load and run however very sluggish , like I said my machine is very weak but it does good confirming if a program will run or not, and it did!

  3. what kind of weak machine you speaking about?

    I tried v1.2 on my Win7 64, 16GB Ram, i7 quad, Nvidia GTX480 1.5GB ram

    and it lagged like crazy, i couldnt even load the mesh to paint.

    • If it was laggy with these specs you better check if you have somekind of malware on your computer.. And/ or check if you have new drivers for like everything (not only the graphics can hog your computer if the drivers are bad written (win is kind of bad written (yes I am a windows user and I still love it :P

  4. thanks but i can’t download for free cause it overcomes the limit of 400 mb…? there is any solution for this ???
    Thanks again

    • no it doesn’t MARI works with FERMI technology, so NVIDIA, may be ATI will join in the future… but not yet

  5. Mari is going to be Film industry standard. Don’t matter what you believe is more powerful and what isn’t. Just like Painter and Photoshop. Argue all you’d like about it’s potentials and capabililities. At the end of the day, CS5 dominates industry.

    • predicting the future is always tricky and for now BodyPaint rules in the industry so Maybe someday Mari will be the new champ but I seriously doubt it as BP is far more powerful and far easier to use. The only advantage Mari has is the 32k texture and that will be addressed in the BP release 4. So why would anyone change from BP?

      • Lol wtf, are you a spokesman for BP or something? Mari is excellent when working with massive textures, that is it’s purpose. You can hardly compare what the likes of WETA handles to what you do on your home computer.

        P.S. Mudbox is an excellent alternative. Like Photoshop in 3D

  6. William you’re a fucking idiot.
    Bodypaint 10 times more powerful LOLOLOLOLOL.
    Anyway thankyou for the upload.

    • 99% of you have no need (you may THINK you have though) for this stuff anyway, so what are you arguing about, you bloody warez-lamers?

      It’s not like you gonna use the full potential or are even able to use the full potential of this film-specific software. It takes enormous skill and time, to start with. Knowing the complete lack of any creativity whatsoever in the 3D field today, it doesn’t matter what tool you are given – you will still rubber-stamp imitative “nasty aliens” or “bloody orcs” that will still look like crap beneath cheap tricks like chromatic aberration, AO, Camera Blur.

      Get some ideas and get some skills fist. Your self-percieved technical knowledge of what is “rad” and what is “outdated” doesn’t interest people like me. I still use Max 9, by the way.

      Jee-zuz, for all the small immature shits that populate Internet… but hey, thanks for the link!

  7. salam.mari needed opengl 3.0 and uper. my video card is 8200m g but mari not run because my opengl is 2.0. please help me

    • No solution. You must change the graphic card to run minimal requerimente.

  8. MARI rules….I thank you guys for the extra links…make life much more easy downloading roughly 450MB X 9 plus additional 400+MB. I am hoping extracting goes well. Thanks you all for the excellent share.

  9. after putting crack license it still ask me for license when I start it up, Is there something I am missing, shall I put the crack in the root? It still says there is no license, although the crack say license its ok. Thanks for your help

  10. Have anyone having problem runing Mari?
    I can open .obj and paint it, but it won’t let me save or reopen the file after i close Mari. I keep getting this error ” Cannot Open Project This project cannot be opened”

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