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11 comments on “Blender3D – Blend & Paint

    • still, even if the programs used arn’t that great, I wish tutorials for these were about when i started ,before I had access to maya/photoshop.

      • Well it’s great that they weren’t. You beat your head into learning Maya and now it will pay off. If you had went the easy way with Blender or C4D you wouldn’t have learned as much as you do now and you would’ve had little access to a lot of great plugins.

        • What is your point? get cracked software to learn it and then hope that a company hire you? or just brag around that you can use maya or 3dmax?

          For many indie developers and artists the free or cheap software other than maya and 3dmax are a standard; many times people don’t ask you how cool is your software or how many years you wasted in college (draining your parents bank account and patience) but ask you how long it takes you to finish the project , then they pay you….this is what matters to freelance and independent contractors

          If you are working in a big company then use maya or 3dmax or xsi; I love them and they are awesome; otherwise anything is good to get the job done and get paid; blender is free and i hate the UI and workflow, but gets things done, so a person can get a paycheck and move to the next assignment…not everyone gets cracked stuff or has the money to buy these big packages; some wanna see money because has bills to pay at the end of the month ;)

          • @wizard: I agree, blender is an amazing tool. Yeah Maya or Max or Ps may be the “standards” (for now?) but this is meaningless for the artist. I would suggest to the “masters” out there to check out what people can do with Blender or C4D or even Ps alternatives and think again… And in the end yes, not every artist out there can spend $$$$ for their software and yes, they don’t want to do their job by breaking the law. You want Maya, Max etc. ? BUY it! You cant? I wonder why…

  1. I think the comments on the top are hilarious.

    Keep bashing open source utilities, meanwhile Pixar is hiring Blender artist.

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