17 comments on “The Watch Tutorial Series 3DsMax and V-ray

  1. Looks awesome : ) Is there gona be a Torrent on CG aswell ? would be so awesome

  2. of coarse there wont be how will he earn money from torrenting=/

  3. Just go here and watch it:


  4. This is free by the way;


  5. is this tutorial just modeling? there is this training part 1 and part 2. part 1 is just modeling part 2 light and render. which one is this?

  6. the last part is not included which is part 7 can you upload the last i need this us my reference..thanks

  7. This is a free tutorial anyway I don’t see why you need to upload it here. If you’re on OS X just press command+option (alt)+A and choose the biggest file there is, in this case is an mp4, download it.

  8. pliz stop asking for torrents ..
    these guyz helped us with these tutorials and they need money in return ..

    regarding the price you have to pay to download this stuff it’s worthit and i mean it ..
    so stop being assholes

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