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140 comments on “Vue R10 Xstream Inc Extras and Tutorials X-FORCE *New Links*

  1. For those geting a “bad activation number”, make sure that you have filled in the user name and company name as shown in the video.

  2. Thanks a lot!

    Activation on osx went smooth. However, I created a scene in 9.5, timed the render at 1min34sec. Opened the same scene in 10, timed it at 1min50sec. Huh? E-on say up to 30% faster renders. Ha!

  3. Hi, just a question how you do for mac os X lion and terminal i’m looking for but i don’t know what writing in terminal to make the install launch.

    My folder is on my desktop : VUE/VUE10/Install Vue

    Thx for reply and scuze my english i’m french.

    • MAPAS:

      Type cheanging MyUserNameHere with your user name:
      cd /MyUserNameHere/desktop/Vue/Vue\ 10\ xStream\ Install/Install\ Vue\

      sudo chmod 755 Setup

      You should get admin password request.

      sudo chmod 755 Setup_adminRights

      Launch Vue Setup from icon.

  4. Works beautifully on XP 64 bit.
    Render times seem slower not faster for me

  5. Hi Xforce
    I made a mistake that active the VUE floating license and now I cannot import node license. I uninstall and re install but it still keep showing floating activation X_X. Is there any way i can go back to node activation?
    p/s I tried you uninstall to remove whole thing but still having the problem!

    thank you millions!


    • never mind! I found solution: just go to C:\Users\YOURNAME\AppData\Roaming and delete e-on software folder. Then every thing back to normal ^_^

  6. I have render an scene and it is slower than 9.5… a high quality render its goes to 30-40 hours, how its supposed to render a animation… at low quality it goes 50 mins for frame… xd

  7. J? to vendendo esta pleura no terreo da Galeria Pag? Loja 13a

  8. this software is only for big studios. with this you cant render out animation, thats impossible. so why bother. still images are ok, but also too slow. when they speed up render time by 70% then it will be interesting or at least bearable, untill then, posproduction in ps or ae is a good solution, faster by 100 times

  9. Hi, is this version only for Pc?
    I’ve Apple Mac XOS 10.6, and the Install Vue 10 app. does not open.
    What happened? Thanks a lot.

  10. Can’t get it installed. Older versions did install though. Installer won’t start no matter what.

    OSX 10.6. here.

  11. hi……………guys
    here is torrent link

    • i was downloading a torrent of this which was around 2.59 gb and was hosted on peer.i did finish 70 percent of it and then all the peers vanished …can u help me a little bit with them..i want to finish my download and share…i am getting an unregisterred torrent line on my tracker from peer!!

  12. Thank you!

    Crack works perfect. However, the application itself is very unstable (w7 x64)


  13. Thanks a lot Ir0nboy, you rock !
    Have a question. I saw in the install video during the install set up that you choose not to install the vray drivers. You did it for some reason? If i choose the vray 2.0 for example there would be any problem ? Would like to test some vue landscapes under vray renderer :D .

    Thanks again :)

  14. Hi IrOnboy I am finding the lastest 7-8-9 Exposs? Books and i come to cgpersia to suggest you to find them, please on internet cg persia would be the firstone who will have thah inspiration material… will you find them for our comunity?
    Thanks, it does not matter if ther are on photos or scanned or digital :D

  15. I think Vue needs a really really good machine not to be unstable. Like 16 gb ram Nvidia quadro and at least six core processor. If youre using a regular graphic card or you dont have a lot of ram it will crash constantly. Vue have very high poly models I mean one tree is like 150-600k polygons try building a small forrest. This is toll for pros with very very expensive machines

  16. Bad activation for me even following the tut to the letter, only way i could get this to go is disable the network card way :/

  17. Hi Ir0nboy, I have same problem as fumblebee… I was downloading the torrent but it stuck at 7.8% all of a sudden with 0 seeds & 0peers…It says unregistered torrent line on my tracker from peer…I think the one who have uploaded this torrent may have removed it or something…so plz upload this torrent again…

  18. Man, this site is incredible awesome!!
    Each one who are from this site deserve a lot of greetings!!
    Thanks for you, you and you who cares about others!!!

  19. Has anyone had a chance to go through the ‘extras disk’, is it the same as the one that came with vue 9.5? Thanks in advance.

    • I compared Extra disk folders from 9.5 and 10 and there are only few new example scenes.

  20. What’s about rendercow
    is not in this package so how you can install it instead of typing the serial in the help menu ??

  21. Very Thx For all, But
    For what you say extra cd of vue r10, but isn?t, is only extra cd of vue 9, I really don?t Understand.

    Thx for Vue 10 :D

  22. Hi guys, here the torrent Of Vue 10

  23. Anyone who can repost the Keygen – megaupload doesn’t seem to be working atm.

    Btw if you post any torrents pls say if it’s for OSX or Win :)

  24. Help!!

    I did all installation procedures correctly, but when I click the activation file generated by the x-force the following message appears:

    “Bad activation number. Please make sure you are pointing to the correct file activation (this activation) file is attached to the registration email That was sent to you after registering your product. YOU SHOULD save the activation file to your hard drive before the activation dialog pointing to it). ”

    Please why this happens??

    ps: Execultar the program and the x-force as an administrator as shown in the video tutorial

    I am Brazilian, excuse my bad English!

  25. Select Vue Xstream while installing
    Works 30% faster than R9
    Absolutely Stable on win 7 x64

  26. Thank you very much for the new release and the detailed tutorial on how to install it
    Gonna go install it now, Godspeed~

  27. hi

    sorry but the cracking tutorial’s down!!
    and I’m stuck in the keygen generating window… when I hit crack button It says wrong Folder of wrong version!
    the activation code’s not working as well..
    what I’m doing wrong!!

  28. hi friends ,
    are you all looking for realistic environment creation, than
    try cry engine 3, it is grand daddy of vue 10 , you’ll get realtime photorealistic results absolutely “0” render time ….: )

    moreover realtime water effects, water fall, particle effects …… absolutely stunning , if you don’t believe me look at these videos
    and the last mind-blowing

    just visit crytek to download full loaded engine 3 non commercial version

    the interaction & interface are not as good as vue ….. :)

  29. Thanks for the upload…

    im having some massive issues trying to use vue in max 12. it crashes all the time! literally every 5 minutes. I have a decent spec comp so wondering if there is a bug or patch that can sort this out, or am i better of working in vue and exporting to max, or is it still likely to keep crashing on me?!

    someone please help me, i want to get creating!!

  30. in the keygen the path is wrong ,, as c:/progam files , this is the little problem solved creating a instalation in folther with this path . ;)

  31. HI! I am trying to install Vue10 but it?s been impossible for me. I can?t activate it! I am always having the same error message (bad activation number…) and I have tried everything that you say before. run as administrator, delete a lot of folders,uninstall everything… and nothing! I don?t know if it is a problem of my computer or what but I really need help! thank you

  32. hello for crack delete all software of eon sopfware and copu de xforce crack in the folder of vue 10 xtream and crack the sofware

    • Hi Jormos2. I don?t know if your are answering my problem…I did everything you say.. but i am not able to activate it… always the same message! I can?t solve the problem :( maybe, is it a crack?s problem? could someone that had the same problem activate it?? what you did?? Thank you

  33. para reinstalar depois de um erro de valida??o.
    precisa apagar todos os arquivos gerados neste caminho

    C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\e-onsoftware

    depois qdo for instalar.. colocar um novo caminho na instala??o tipo
    C:\arquivos de programas\e-onsoftware.
    ai entao usar o x force pra crackear no caminho certo e gerar a ativation em seguida.

    pra mim funcionou assim.

  34. can someone re upload the Installing Vue R10 Xstream video and the keygen PLEASE!!! Megaupload links are not working!!!

  35. Hello, megaupload is closed and I need the keygen for vue 10. Anyone can paste a serial number or keygen upload to another server? Thank you!

  36. I did a search on the cgpersia forums and found another link- go here and scroll down, you have to options

  37. Thank you JohnnyBob Creations for the link… but you have to register to be able to get the links, so to make this faster here is the keygen link:

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