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9 comments on “TexturingXYZ – Displacements Collection

  1. I think that is only the displacement maps not the photos.. are you sure for the infos?

  2. Man, you should to reload this but in separated rars for every texture/displace map, and no put all, so enormous ammount of MB in correlative rar parts. Specially due the slow donwload speed of the file host services where you have uploaded it. And some users, dont have hi speed internet connection. Only one rar part is 995 mb! If one part fail to download, or in the case of the rapidgator host, you miss only one file.
    Please separate the textures in separated rar, no in parts, for example one rar called:
    “displace_female_backelbow_01.rar” or put more that 4 o 5 textures in a rar but no in parts to obtain only one enormous rar.

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