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43 comments on “ORBAZ PFTools Box-2 Pro v1.60 and PFTool Box-3 Pro v1.53 For 3DsMax all versions

  1. Great.. I was looking for this for a long long time.
    thanx a lot

  2. Thanks!But where’s the number 1 PFBOX??I see only 2 and 3 TOOL!Am I wrong????

  3. Im trying to install Pro box 2 in max 2011 x64 but I have this message (Error loading DLLs Failed to initialize particleFlowToolsBox2.dlo
    Error code 193 – %1 is not a valid Win32 application)

    Any ideas??

      • Im trying to install on max 2011 x64 in win 7 x64 with the pro box 2 x64 installer but I have that message.

        • All x64 users need the crack fix.

          Pass: gfx


  5. why are u ppl copying/installing the 32 bit plugins in the (Program Files) folder…ofcourse it wont work…make sure u set the install location in (program files (x86)) folder for the 32 bit apps. Also, dont ask for 64 bit versions…they wont work since nVidia still hasnt made 64bit plugins for max..hope this clears up the installation issues.

  6. Any idea what are the two installers in Box#2:


    What is the difference? Which one to install?

  7. One link Only

    mirror :

    http://www.url-dead/file/86042449/ORBAZ.PFTools.Box-2.Pro v1.60.PFTool.Box-3.Pro.v1.53 For.3DsMax.all.versions.rar

  8. What is the difference between Box 2 and Box 3 ?

    And should i download both ?

    Thank you

  9. download both they are different from each other and no need for 1 since it’s already integrated into 3dsmax.

  10. so the version for x64 for both box 2, 3 is working, did any tried it on 3ds max 2011 x64 under win 7 x64 and licensed effectively working properly??

    • because i installed the 64 version but i recieved the error message??

      need help please???

  11. hi guys
    its installed on max 2011 x64 in win 7 x64 . but phys doesnt work .
    because this particle flow toolbox 2 have problem , but everything solved in version 1.07

    can anyone give that version?

    • guys its fixed when i install new physx from nvidia site .

      now its working perfect on 3dsmax 2011 x64 windows 7 x64

  12. Thanks Rashad!

    I’m getting a DLL error when I install Box#3 for 2010 64bit…

    ” Error Loading DLLs: failed to initialize.
    Error Code 127 – the specified procedure could not be found. ”


  13. 3ds max 2011 W7 ?64
    Box 2 install but dont work with physx 2.40 In viewport nothing change.
    Box 3 cant read the ParticleFlowSubOperators.dlo

    What hell is that :)?

  14. Hello,
    Sorry, but i can’t activate PF for 3dsmax design 2011 in w7 cause the X-force don t generate a good serial. x-force generate a serial number like xxxxxxxxxxxx and PF ask a serial like xxx-xxxxxxx !

  15. I have resolv the serial problem….

    You must copy/paste the thirst three numbers to the thirst case of the lisence window in Max.
    And copy/paste the rest after

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