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  3. hey, I installed TP succesfully but when i launch max and want to create a TP system I get this error : ” license server error, missing/ damaged information about license server, please check IP port name etc”.

    can somebody help me out. ??

  4. @Oswalt
    Seems to be an issue with the license server.
    There is no info in your post wether you had a previously running TP installation or not.
    If you did’nt, you need to install the license server first, than generating license files with the keygen and import them to the license server.
    The licenses are bound to the network adaptor or network interface card (NIC). Sometimes it is necessary to remove blutooth and/or wireless adapotors (by disabeling it), because they are producing problems. I prefer to disable all network adaptors but not the main network card when I’m installing NIC bound software protection systems (like for instance Max)
    If you have had a working installation of TP4 I guess, there might be a problem with the NIC (did you change it?) or the IP address you assinged to the license server. Check it.
    Hope this helps a bit.

  5. When i press crack it tells me “cannot open files! please close license manager!” How do i fix that?

  6. i keep getting an error when i import license, did everything right as far as i can tell anyone get that problem?

  7. Hi
    i have a solution for this Error problem
    my 3dsmax is “2011 64bit” under win 7 64bit and. so my out is that:
    in C:\Users\Public\Documents\cebas\3dsmax2011_x64\thinkingParticles4
    create a file at this name:….. ipclamp.ini
    edit it:
    IP1=<> …………………example : IP1=

    save it , restart max and enjoy it!

    • Sorry pal, but when I touch the tinking particles button in 3D max, it says “wrong password”. What can I do?

  8. anyone got this working in 3ds max design 2011 64 bit??

    the button doesn’t seem to show up!!!

    for the users who seek TP4 SP2 for max2011 win64,
    this is not a SP2 release! Do not download it!

    I have check only the max2011 win64 one

  10. I was still getting error 10 and my TP panel options would disappear but I watched a video on youtube which said to delete the license and re-do it. After uninstalling TP4 and IP Clamp and reinstalling them both, it seems to work fine. Thanks much for this awesome plug-in!!!!

  11. When i press crack, it displays the error “cannot open files! please close license manager!” How do i fix that?
    I currently using Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit.

    • Hi, you need to open the Task Manager, go to the Process label and stop IP-Clamp.exe. I hope it helps, sorry for my english I am Uruguayan. Bye 😉

      • go windows / settings / control panel / administrative tools / services

        find ip-clamp, right click and hit stop service

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