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  1. no lo puedo creer!!! despues de años de perseguir este soft frances algun genio lo comparte para todos!!!
    Muchas gracias amigo!!! 😉

  2. N-Sided QUIDAM Studio 3.5


  3. Great ,but The plugins for maya and max are the real thing lacking.

  4. I exported Collada format , Rig and skin worked, but no textures.
    Don’t know about UVS.

    • Why not export as obj to get the texture files, then export as collada to get the skin and riug, and manually apply the textures (assuming the UV’s are mapped the same)?

      • Will try this, but noticed Collada Rig import is limited compared to the right plugin.

  5. If anyone have or know where to find max exporter for this and/or bosy packs please paste it here

  6. The max plugin only works with 32 bit versions of max. I’d rather use Daz characters with FBX export. There a billion free daz characters with morphs and props if you look around a little. You can import them directly into max or into motion builder and edit the fbx first.

  7. I was able to import a character of my own , auto-rig it in a second and
    export to max , but lacked the plugin.
    can I import my own character, rig automatically and export with Daz ?
    if not Quidam is still unique !

  8. Here are 3ds plugin and model pack, but readme.txt is Russian, so anyone who knows can translate or post instructions on how to install the plugin?
    This dl works like a chiarm, thank you PlayDVD, you are great!


  9. Not Russian , maybe Etrussian or any arcaic dialet.
    Can’t translate this !

  10. Thank you , I apreciated, but i am afraid without instructions
    there is no way to install it, tried to copy files to root, plugins folder,
    …etc , even in 32 bits max or 64 , does not work.

  11. Wow Hotfile links are down again. Now that’s a surprise (sarcasm).

  12. You can export to Collada format and then export into 3ds Max, it worked for me, with the bones, the textures and etc.

    • http://www.fileserve.com/file/edYefeX

    • http://www.fileserve.com/file/edYefeX

      I can’t see my comment?! :p

  13. need link to Cinema 4d export plug-in please. Its not in the other links.

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