14 comments on “Mentor Plants HQ grass (C4D format only)

  1. Can anyone else get this working?? Followed instructions to a tee but library isn’t bringing in objects. Also no proxies here. Been wantin this for a looooong time.

    • open a proxy and look at where its folder is located. then create that exact folder with the right path. Then copy all your proxies into it.

    • i got it to wrok by following the instructions on the link, which means I had to rename some of the folders that contained the objects (vr/ar/etc) and textures.

      hope that helps

  2. Thanks guys, will check my folder names again. InFanonimous, you say to copy the proxies into a folder, am I right in thinking that the proxies are .vrmesh files? In the instructions it says there should be a seperate folder containing the .vrmesh files which you then install yet there doesn’t seem to be such a folder in this download. Sorry for all the questions, bit confused here…Cheers.

  3. Hey, can you reupload, please? I do really need it. thanks a lot !

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